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The topseos frequently asked questions are a collection of questions that have been asked in the past which have been answered based on volume and the importance of information. We will update the website with new questions and answers and information pertaining to topseos as the need arises through questions asked on the website or information we believe may be beneficial to our users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The topseos frequently asked questions are a collection of questions that have been asked in the past which have been answered based on volume and the importance of information. We will update the website with new questions and answers and information pertaining to topseos as the need arises through questions asked on the website or information we believe may be beneficial to our users.

Who is topseos?
topseos is an independent research company providing evaluation and rankings of the best internet marketing service providers since 2002. Through our research, we have identified the best internet marketing agencies providing services over five regions including the US, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK.
How are companies ranked?
Companies that are ranked on topseos have gone through a rigorous evaluation criteria developed since 2002. We connect with companies to understand their methodologies and approaches to providing services to their customers and connect with customers of their internet marketing services to better understand their feedback of services provided.
What makes us independent?
As the independent authority on internet marketing products and service providers, topseos is not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or otherwise related to any private parent or subsidiary companies that would otherwise undermine its impartiality in performing evaluations of various companies. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the companies which we rank from time to time.
How does topseos benefit those seeking internet marketing services or products?
There are a lot of companies out there providing internet marketing services and products. We take the time to do research, evaluate, and rank service providers based on the services and products they provide, their overall quality, and our evaluation criteria developed since 2002. While it may be confusing to decide which service provider or software developer will provide the best quality service or software, we offer a service to filter out those who offer empty promises against those who provide excellent value, strictly based on merit. This in turn saves those looking for internet marketing services or products time, money, and ensures those businesses an increase in revenue and profitability.
How does topseos benefit those providing internet marketing services or products?
Companies that become a part of topseos enjoy the benefits of increased exposure to potential clients through the directory of service and product providers as well as the evaluations and rankings service. Companies listed in the directory have access to update their profiles and provider relevant information to potential customers looking for their services. Not only is it a chance for providers to increase their return on investment and obtain more clients, it's an opportunity to be listed by an independent authority in the industry.
Are these companies really the best companies out there?
The companies listed on our rankings are ranked based on the evaluation criteria through our research and experiences developed since 2002 at topseos. Solution providers undergo our rigorous evaluation process, our in-depth research processes, which can be reviewed in further detail here. We take extreme measures to ensure the companies we recommend truly excel in their categories, however, having said, these are our opinions. There certainly is a train of thought that would indicate that no one company fits all service or product requirements. These companies simply meet their objectives, in our opinion, consistently and thus are ranked as the best by us. We urge consumers to always do their own research to determine the best fit for their project but to use topseos.com as a resource for their own research.
How do I apply for the rankings?
You can apply for evaluation here on topseos.com. To fill out the Apply of Rankings form, click here.
Are there agencies that provide great services or products that may not be listed on your website?
In some rare cases, there may be companies that are newer or have not been introduced to topseos that provide admirable internet marketing services or products. We currently rank the best agencies in US, UK, Australia, Canada, & India. We are constantly looking at growing markets and plan on reviewing agencies and solution providers outside of these regions. Additionaly, while we certainly take time to research and find new companies to evaluate and rank, with an industry that is constantly changing there are new firms and software developers appearing on a normal basis.
I want to get involved and have my agency or product ranked, what is the next step?
To become a part of topseos.com, we urge service and tool providers to register online in order to obtain their access to a company profile and the opportunity to select from both our basic and premium inclusion here. The basic inclusion gives companies the ability to generate a company profile page while becoming searchable within our general directory. The premium inclusion includes the ability for companies to be evaluated and ranked for their specific categories based on what they focus on.
What are the other services offered on topseos?
To view a list of services, visit our about us page on topseos.com.
What is the evaluation criteria?
We have refined our evaluation criteria since 2002 based on our research on each of the internet marketing services and product categories that we evaluate and rank. For more detailed information on our evaluation criteria on any specific category, click here.
How can I contact topseos?
You can contact topseos by using our contact us form, sending us an e-mail, or contacting us by phone at 1-800-874-2458.
How do you keep up with the trends of any industry that moves so fast?
With an industry that is constantly evolving, we connect with agencies on a regular basis to learn of the latest practices, technologies, and competitive advantages that each company has. We attend a majority of the industry conferences, allowing us to connect with a large audience of service and product providers. Often times service and product providers share with us a new service or a beta product prior to release to the general public to gain feedback from us.
How can I advertise on topseos?
We allow advertisers only from companies that are not providing services in areas that we evaluate and rank for. To advertise on topseos, you can purchase advertisement directly from our website. Our advertising section located here gives information on ad placement, appearance, specifications, and how our advertisements can help you. Advertisers must also meet our advertising policy located in the advertising area.
How can I update my profile on topseos?
To update your profile on topseos, companies can access the member's area with the username and password. To obtain credentials to access a profile without the username and password, companies can contact topseos through our contact us page to verify their identity and participation in the company.
What is the SEO and PPC competition?
The topseos SEO and PPC competition is a year-long evaluation that puts service providers to the test of providing excellent service in a number of areas for each category they participate in on a yearly basis. During the year, companies involved are evaluated based on our competition criteria and awards are given out to those who best match the criteria we have set at the end of the year.c
How do I get involved in the SEO and PPC competition?
To get involved in the SEO and PPC competition, one can fill out the form that is located here.